About Obstetricians & Gynecologists National Association (OGNA)

OGNA has a simple goal: Freedom from Fear for Doctors & Patients.

How does it accomplish this? By protecting the sanctity of the doctor-patient partnership through Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration and superior Informed Consent programs.

Doctor-patient partnerships are derailed by misperceptions and greed, abject greed.

  • Fear of Lawsuits: Doctors order many times the number of required tests for patients, vastly increasing the cost of insurance and overall healthcare. They are also forced to order medications and engage specialists which are often totally unnecessary. The use of unnecessary medications has generated a species of “super-bugs” which are wrecking havoc on patients, and causing untold harm, cost, and death. Read more »
  • Fear of Declining Reimbursements: HMOs, PPOs, Medicaid/Medicare and other providers are constantly threatening doctors with investigations, lawsuits and police actions if they deviate the slightest amount from precise charting. Read more »
  • Fear of the Chronically Ill: More and more patients are chronically ill. Some are older, suffering the effects of decades of poor diet. Young patients are obese, fat or suffering from failure to exercise and a diet heavy in sugar, fat and salt. Physicians are helpless to treat patients who cannot help themselves, and will not abandon their food addictions to become basically healthy. Read more »

OGNA and its sister operation – The National Association for Medical Arbitration – exist to provide a safer, more secure and more comprehensive approach to the doctor-patient partnership.

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